Monday, March 19, 2012


We had such a nice, relaxing, rainy weekend.  Lots of inside time, with little hints of outside time.  I spent hours on the couch crocheting.  Perfecting some new crochet rosettes, and almost finishing the sweater I'm making for Ruby.  I had a great date with Ginger at the kitchen table, playing UNO while our lemon bars cooked.  We tooked a refreshing walk at the beach with some good friends, and met some new friends (missionaries from Ethiopia!).

Blue Corduroy's etsy shop is now stocked with some new girl's spring dresses.  Crochet Rosettes will be available soon.

I hope the new week goes well for you!


  1. You made lemon bars and didn't tell me!! Your in big trouble now...

  2. there's still some left, come on over!


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