Monday, March 26, 2012

sister sweater

It wasn't super easy to find a simple crochet cardigan sweater pattern in a girl size.  But I knew I would find what I was looking for in the vintage pattern section of etsy.  This pattern booklet was so 80's, it was perfect.

It was just a few different panels (front sections, back, sleeves), then weave them all together.  The yoke was last with the color contrast.

I told the girls "it's just one stitch after another, then pretty soon, it's a sweater!"

sister sweater!


  1. Great sweaters on gorgeous girls!

  2. When did they get SO BIG?? Those sweaters are adorable Em! MISS YOU!

  3. such loving sisters! love the sweaters, so cute.

  4. Wonderful! So beautiful! I like it very much. Thank you for sharing it. Now I want to share you some fashionable and cheap Abercrombie UK clothes.

  5. The sweaters are so cute! I really secretly hope to have two girls one day because my sisters (i have 3) and I are so close so I love the special relationship of sisterhood...and I really want to make cute matching stuff like this for them to wear :P

  6. thanks so much guys!
    lindsay- i KNOW, some day they'll be bigger than me!

    hsiaolie- thanks! they are loving(most the time)

    jess- i love that they have each other. my sister and i have something special, and i'm happy to see it growing with my girls. although, little boys are so darn cute!


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