about me

Hi!  I'm Emily Waechtler.
Blue Corduroy is who I am.  
Blue is my favorite color, in all it's shades. 
Corduroy, to me, is my 1970's childhood and all things casual. 
Blue Corduroy is the line after line of swells in the ocean about to become waves.

I love color, vintage, all things ocean, needle and thread and yarn.
 I make things that bring me happiness.

I've always loved sewing clothes, beginning with my Barbies'. 
In junior high I made my own clothes, and in high school began altering my thrifted outfits.  
I have a degree in Costume Design from UCSC, 
and repaired O'neill wetsuits while in college.

My husband and our 2 daughters and I live a 
simple life on the Central Coast of California 
spending much of our time at the beach 
and laughing together.

My hope is to bring some sunshine, joy and sweetness to those around me.


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