Friday, March 16, 2012

neon prairie girls

Next week my new sewing class begins.  It's going to be a beginners Embroidery class!  We will be studying early American History this trimester in school, and didn't all those prairie girls embroider?  My little students will learn the basics, and then make their own, modern day sampler.  (neon colors included!)

I was about 8 when I learned how to embroider.  My family was living in Kentucky then, and the winters were long and cold.  After a fun afternoon of sledding, I can remember curling up by the fire and following along with the Reader's Digest Complete guide to Needlework learning all the stitches there were to learn.

I can't wait to relive my fond memories of learning this new skill while I teach those eager modern day prairie girls!


  1. So neat! I remember doing that at an early age too. I'm so looking forward to teaching my kiddos this some time soon. I didn't realize you taught classes either - Do tell more!

  2. hey molly! i'm teaching some sewing and crochet classes at SLOCA. it's really fun!


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