Tuesday, May 17, 2011


photo from here

oh, kittens!
you're so cute!!
just big balls of fur and purr!

after my kitty of 18 years died last summer i have had a cat sized hole in my heart.
and i am happy to say that the time for a new kitten is finally here.
we are now officially looking for the right one.

we are going to visit a litter of wee kitties tomorrow afternoon,
in hopes of falling in love.
they are at a foster parents house (someone who is so wonderful to bottle feed these babies until they are big enough to be adopted into loving families).
if we like one, we will be able to visit it as much as we want until it is old enough to come home with us.

soon maybe my dreams will come true!


  1. Keep us posted! You'll all be floating if you find your kitties! Pop will, too.


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