Sunday, May 22, 2011

sunhats and smiles

i made some new sunhats.
even though this weekend had either fog or wind,
i am prepared for a good sunny beach day to come our way.
these sunhats have been a staple of ours ever since the girls were babies.
to spend as much time at the beach as our family does,
you've got to have a good selection of hats.
from sunhats to beanies and everything in between.

and when you've got a good hat, a smile is sure to follow!

the shop now has sunhats in stock in a variety of child sizes.


  1. Great hats! I love the fabrics and the models!

  2. OH EM these are ADORABLE! Landyn needs a new sun hat! LOVE the prints!

  3. I know I'm supposed to be focussed on the cute hats, but I really think those models are adorable ;-)


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