Saturday, January 9, 2010

getting ahead

Well, I guess it's more like, "I got a head!". You may not realize how monumental this is for me. As a hat maker of sorts, I'm constantly trying to find the best way to display a hat. I've tried melons, balloons, baby dolls, and vases.

Although Mr. Head is not as cute as a live model, he sure looks better than a watermelon! Ah, the joys of the thrift shop. When you're browsing the housewares section and there sits, just looking at you, a glass head, it's enough to make you shout out with glee.

Look for Mr. Head modeling a new batch of adult size hats in my etsy shop.


  1. Oh my gosh! Finally, a thrifted head that's not so scary! Remember some of the ones we came across? yikes. Love the montage of your past hat models--made me laugh! xoxo. PS. I called, you weren't home! Blasted.

  2. i was soooo very happy to have the visual of the diifferent hat models described!!!!! oh how i laughed!!!!!

    congrats on another super thrift score!


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