Tuesday, January 5, 2010

blog love

Here are a couple images of my motivation lately. I was daydreaming of the above pillowcases today at the park while I crocheted on a hat and watched my girls spin themselves silly on the tire swing. They are the handiwork from the blog rose hip, who creates the most luscious products. The color combo's are killing me!

This dining room is my dream. Dottie Angle is a mastermind of style, according to me. Her post a while back displaying her newly received bounty of yarn as a decorating peice in her living room won me over. My greedy little eyes will be back, and I'm bringing a pencil to take notes!

Although these blogs are not new to me, I felt it was time to share a bit of my inspiration.


  1. oooo i love those pillow cases too. those are great color cobos! got to relearn how to crochet!

  2. Em, you should invite Megan over for a crochet lesson. Think of the fun you two would have!

    That dining room looks like you!

  3. totally drooling right now. wowzers!!


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