Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"challenge of the utmost kind"

I'm doing it! I'm joining Tif, and her 'challenge of the utmost kind'. I almost feel like it's cheating though. You see, this is kind of how I roll anyways. But a whole year! You never know what could come up. After living without certain things this past year, and realizing that I still have joy and love, I bet there's a whole lot we really think we need that we don't actually need. And just think of the creativity it demands!

So, today is my official start date: January 12th, 2010. Anyone care to join me?


  1. awesome! we did this a few years ago. we started in january like you, and made it until the fall when we got armoires for our bedroom. we did hunt craigslist for used before we broke down and went to ikea ;-)

    your fam is so creative and savy when it comes to this, should be a piece of cake!

  2. You'll make it! You've got determination and savvy!

  3. I'm in! Let's include scouring our closet for fun things to give friends.

  4. I begin Feb 1! SO excited! Can't wait to follow your story.

  5. I'm with you sister!


    PS - It's been since September 2009 - and I don't miss shopping in 'regular' shops at all! I love love love shopping vintage - because guess what: you can do it more often and get way more loot!


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