Monday, March 4, 2013

goodwill, you're too good!

One of my thrifting rules is that if I don't need it right now, then don't get it.  This is a hard rule to follow.  Because when you're at the thrift store, you're thinking #1 everything here is so cheap, what could it hurt to buy it and see if I can find a use for it later, right?  or #2 everything here was never here before, and will never be here again, so i better get it, this is my last chance, right?

But if you make a habit out of going to the thrift store, like I do, you can easily wind up with closets full of crap you thought you might use at some point, only to pack up and give back to the goodwill a year later.

But I have a weakness.  A weakness for retro hot pink floral patterns.  A weakness for jars with lids.  A weakness for fabric that is indescribably awesome.

Well, if anything, my closets will be super cute!  No, wait, I take that back.  I'm totally gonna find a use for each and every one of these.  You just wait.


  1. I would have NEVER passed up on this cute lidded jars either. Those are a total FIND!! so cute.

  2. I'm seriously drooling over those super cute jars! Such a great find!!

  3. Those jars are so cute! How do you find such cute things? You know if nothing else the could be cute button, bobbin, pin holders. I would not not have passed them up either.
    Lisa Cartelli

  4. If you have any trouble finding a use for those jars or that fabric, just ask your mother! I've already thought of several good uses. Who could possibly pass up glass jars with lids?!

  5. Those jars are to die for!! L.O.V.E. them.
    Right now, I would be putting homemade baby food in them. :)

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