Thursday, February 28, 2013


What do you think about silence, quiet, alone?  Does it make you happy, uncomfortable, bored?
I love silence, perhaps because I'm an introvert.  Perhaps it's because I have two darling daughters who have  a lot to say.  Perhaps there's an even deeper reason than that.

We've been reading about the life of Lincoln, a book called Lincoln Grows Up by Carl Sandburg.  I didn't realize that Lincoln lived in silence a lot.  It had a lot to do with who he became.  He had the chance to linger on lofty thoughts.  It strengthened his character.  It wasn't an option.

" And so {Lincoln} grew.  Silence found him; he met silence.  In the making of him as he was, the element of silence was immense." 
 Lincoln Grows Up by Carl Sandburg

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