Monday, May 14, 2012

on being balanced, and a few things to share

I have been enjoying the wonderful feeling of having balance in my life lately.  We all know it when we don't have it.  I know I do.  And I'm so happy to have noticed that right now, I DO have it.  By balanced, I mean that I don't feel that any one section of my busy life as a homeschooling mother is out weighing the other.  I'm finding time for exercising, cleaning, meal planning, home schooling, praying, sewing, and resting.  This is how it always should be.  Now I need to figure out how to keep it this way...

I also have some fun things to share:

1) I'm so proud of my friend Toni, for doing an excellent job on her first vlog ever!  You must go see her lovely self in person.

2)  I have recently discovered vegan meal planning inspiration!  We are not vegan, but we used to be for 15 years.  So, even though we eat meat and dairy, we always enjoy a good vegan meal.  Oh She Glows is definitly worth a looksie.

3) I have broken another plate! (darn that porcelain sink).  Now I have a reason to pick up the next cute set of dishes I find at the thrift shop.  I'm particularly looking for simple white... I think.

4) The girls have a new chore chart.  This is a good one.  And I am not nagging.  And the house is cleaner!  And the girls are not complaining.  And that means I just get to eat bonbons in the afternoons.


  1. bonbons eh? you are so funny. we really, really, must hang out later this week. loved this post em, i felt peace just reading it!! xox.

    oh, thanks for the shout out!! (i think? do i really want people to see that? haha.)

  2. oh the elusive balance of a homeschooling, part-time working, creative mama! I am so with you.....hoping for some more balance this summer as I have 8 weeks off work!!

    so nice to "meet you" (via dottie angel).

    happy summer!


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