Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a mother's day story

I had a great mother's day last weekend!
  My family brought me home a Starbucks and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Then we decided to make our way up the coast with surfboards and hiking shoes packed.

The wave were too small for surfing, but I always love looking at all my favorite beaches.
We decided to keep driving a bit more, to get to the Salmon Creek Trail, on the south end of the Big Sur coastline, which is really just over an hour from our house!

The Salmon Creek Falls were just magnificent.  
Do you see my girls' little heads down there?  
After living close to 20 years either 
just north (Santa Cruz) or just south (Los Osos) of Big Sur, 
I have spent many many fun times there.  
It's so fun to start my girls' memories in this amazing place so early.
The hike to the falls is actually more like a rock hopping stroll.  It probably only took 15 minutes to get the waterfall.   Then we took more time walking down the stream, jumping rocks.  Daddy also gave little Ginger an impromptu boulder climbing lesson.  Lot's of big dark grey boulders, in this lush coastal forest.  My favorite part of the whole walk was listening to Ginger hum.  Her humming song would change as the hike got easier/harder.  She didn't even know she was doing it, but I was giggling the whole way!

On the way home there was only one thing left to do!  
Pull the car over for a little nap in the sun.


  1. I love your mother's day story. We are so blessed to raise out daughters in such a beautiful place. I love how Ginger was humming the whole time. I could see rozy doing that. Gorgeous photos too!

  2. thanks kris! we are all very blessed! i hope you are enjoying you're amazing vacation!!

  3. I can remember Shawna singing to herself when it was her night to do dishes. :) Kinda like Ginger's humming I think.

    Love the picture of the falls with Ruby's and Ginger's heads looking so small in comparison.

  4. What a special day! Pretty pics too. Noah sings to himself quite a bit and I've loved that. To me it's the sound of "childhood contentment" :)

  5. sounds like the most perfect mother's day!!


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