Monday, May 21, 2012

a new beach hoodie

Ruby has a new beach hoodie for the summer time foggy mornings at the beach.
It was a hand me down, too big, boy sweatshirt with a skull on the chest.  
But, where there is a large aqua zipper, there is potential.

We knew the sweatshirt would be usable if we could think of a creative way to cover up that skull.  
(We are not partial to skulls on our belongings in this house).
We thought of various shapes to applique on.  None of them seemed quite right.  Then I knew when our buddy Toni came over for a visit that she would have a great idea.  (You can always count on Toni for great ideas!). 
 She had an idea for us right away!  A doily!
I have a basket full of vintage thrifted doilies for such occasions as this, but they were all too large.  I knew in time I would come across just the right size, or I could even buy a new one at the craft store.  I couldn't wait.  I made one.  I found the doily pattern here.  I also put a new white string in the hood to tie it all together.  Now I want to put a doily on everything.  And you know what they say in Portlandia...


  1. haha, I love this: "But where there is a large aqua zipper there is potential."

    It looks super cute!! xo

  2. so so cute emily! I seriously HEART you. I can hear your voice when I read your posts and it makes my yearning for more time with you just a little less. xoxo

  3. thanks you guys! ruby loves her new sweatshirt.


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