Wednesday, August 3, 2011

camera challenge{d}: guess where?

So, I went on another photo walk with Vanessa while she was still visiting.
And Toni came too!!
I felt so thrilled to be taking pictures with these two pros there to show me the ropes.

Can you guess where we went?
(extra points if you're not a local!)


  1. morro bay?

    great photos, em!!!

  2. Looks like the Moro Bay Harbor to me, too. Your photos are terrific. The Shell Shop would buy the one of their sign!

  3. that was fun! you're going to be pro in no time :)

  4. Great pics, Em!

    Your next career?


  5. I'd know Morro Bay any day. :) Love the pics. Makes me homesick. Thanks for bringing a taste of home to me. I have some fun pics of Morro Rock. If you have some, post them. You do nice work.

  6. these pictures rock!!!


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