Friday, August 5, 2011

3rd annual kid craft fair

This years Kid Craft Fair was the best yet!
57 booths.
Over 100 kids participating.
And such a great variety of creativity!!

Homemade jam! We got some, and it is YUM!

See the eager shopper on the left? How can you resist?

What amazing colors!

My own Ruby's booth. :)

This boy made cupcakes in honor of his sister's birthday.

It's not a kids craft fair without a few pet rocks!

It was such a fun day seeing whole families come together in support of their kids' creativity
and in support of the community as a whole.

With many thanks to Joe and the Los Osos Library staff for hosting the event!

This really is such a simple event to pull together. And this year, with the help of a few key volunteers, I'm calling it the best yet!


  1. i just gave you a hearty pat on the back for a job well done!!!!! and lovely photos from the fair!

  2. awesome photos em!! this was so fun! i'm a little sad that noah has only 2 years left to participate! i'll help you again next year too, xox.


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