Monday, June 13, 2011

summer reading

summer starts for us this week!
one of my favorite parts of summer are the lazy afternoons stuck in a great book.
we have a great kid's summer reading program at our local library that we always join in on,
and then there's the kid's summer reading program at barnes and noble, too.

i've already found a cute reading log for the girls to keep track of the books they finish.
the next step is stocking the house with books that come alive.

one of my favorite childhood authors is beverly cleary.
my oldest daughter has been working on a whole stack of beverly cleary books this year,
and loves them as much as i did.
remember ramona and her sister beezus?
remember ralph the mouse?
here's my top ten beverly cleary books:

1. beezus and ramona
2. ramona and her father
3. ramona and her mother
4. ramona quimby, age 8
5. ramona the brave
6. ramona the pest
7. the mouse and the motorcycle
8. ralph s. mouse
9. ribsy
10. socks

the other goldmine we found at our library was ramona books on cd.
we actually listen to alot of books in the car, and not only when we're on long car rides either.
it keeps us all entertained.
the ramona books on cd we love are narrated by stockard channing and are hilarious!

do yo have any book suggestions for us this summer?


  1. Love this, Emily! Where did you find the cute Summer reading log? I'd like to promote lots of reading this Summer, too! :-)

  2. Loved the Ramona books! We almost named isla Ramona! We are excited for our summer library reading program to start (tomorrow) and we'll totally have to check out the barns an noble one... I think borders has one too. Happy reading.

  3. loving your top ten list ;)


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