Saturday, September 18, 2010

hot off the press

i have some new tea dresses for fall. the "tea dress" is an everyday dress. it's a party dress. it's a play dress. it's a "can i wear it to bed?" dress.

for fall, i went with a slightly deeper color palette. there's 4 different sizes, starting with a toddler version of 2t/3t on up to an 8/9.

each one is unique. one of a kind.

each one is made from a recycled bedsheet (most are vintage)((maybe why they're comfortable enough to wear to bed?))

elastic at the waist and neck increase the comfort, and ease of dressing one's self.

the tea dress. made for hospitality.


  1. Oh my gosh Emily! I LOVE! SO cute! I may have to scoop up one of these for my little one :)

  2. oh, i get it press, as in iron! very cute! i, of course, was thinking PAPER :)


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