Saturday, August 14, 2010

back to school

This is a first in a series of posts about getting ready for back to school. I truly love this time of year. And I also think that being a homeschool mom, I get to enjoy preparing for the upcoming school year, just as much as the students do.

Most of my preparation comes by way of handmade lovelies. Oh, sure, I organized our books and pencils, but I'm talking about what every school girl truly needs.

The girls each got a new dress, especially designed for back to school. A little A-line tunic, to wear as a short dress, or over jeans. I think of it as a ruffle vehicle (a garment whose main purpose is to hold ruffles). Ginger's is made from a recycled tablecloth.

Ruby's tunic certainly fits her personality. Clean, tidy, fashionable, with a bit of rascal thrown in. It's a brown polka dot corduroy which is perfect for the season.

Stay tuned for more back to school must haves that I have been preparing for my students.


  1. delightful! makes me want to get out my sewing machine. well,it is sort of already out. on the dining room floor... oops. just need to well, you know.. get organized.
    thanks for sharing your creativity :)

  2. Great back-to-school dresses! I adore the ruffles :)


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