Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer has Begun

Today was the first official day of summer for us! We had a blast. Pancakes for breakfast, spent some time watering the garden, a great bike ride with a stop at the swings, and then topped it off with a burrito from our local taqueria. If this is any indication of the kind of summer to come, then, YIPEE!

The list we made up last week of things to do this summer looks something like this:

*learn to spell our last name (a real tongue twister)
*lots of art projects
*Boogie board- ALOT
*Bike everywhere
*Read some good books
*get real good at addition facts
*have all kinds of fun

My list includes all the above, plus:

*sew some awesome new dresses, skirts, hats, shirts, etc.
*surf- ALOT

1 comment:

  1. I just wanted to say...I adore those sweet little dresses you have in your shop! They couldn't be cuter!


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