Saturday, April 11, 2009

Everyday Napkins, Napkins Everyday

My sister got me started on cloth napkins. (She's always the first to do everything). We use them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love them for so many different reasons, but probably the number one reason is that there so darn cute! I've made a bunch from some Amy Butler fabric leftover from projects around the house. I've also been gifted some and if I see a cute vintage set while I'm out thrifting I'll grab them. As you can see, I'm not particular about using exact matching ones, I actually prefer this eclectic mix. On direction from my sister (there she goes again!), I recently found my new favorite source for cloth napkins, Picking Daisies. This new shop downtown knows cloth napkins, it's all they do, and they do it well! I love meeting inspiration so close to home.


  1. How funny that you should post this today because I just purchased my first 2 packages of cloth napkins yesterday at Target! I love the idea of them... let's see how the reality is! That Picking Daisies store looks cute, but I don't think I can justify spending that much for napkins...yet... :-)
    By the way, did you have napkins for sale at the boutique? They weren't on my radar...

  2. I love cloth napkins! I am dying to dig into my scrap bin and make some! I plan to send them to school in my kid's lunches too. I am probably totally crazy!


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