Friday, April 17, 2009

The Birth of a Garden

Grow little ones, grow!! This is the first of many posts I plan on sharing about this garden I call joy. It is so many things to me, including family, peace, answered prayers, life. So many hours of labor have been put into this plot of space (90% done by my very muscly and manly husband), which started out as a forgotten tall grass covered empty space. So many more hours we plan on spending here, nurturing and harvesting our vegetables, and our souls.


  1. Wow! Looks more like a garden already! I can vouch for the muscles that were needed to get this garden going! Looks like Ginger is going to be a farmer, too. You are going to eat well this summer. xxxooo, ma

  2. Great post, Em. Keep them coming. We're a month or so behind you.


  3. aww... what fun pictures! i can't wait to see what yummy goodies you grow! i introduced the MMM today on my blog! i'm so excited! xoxo!


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