Monday, December 1, 2008

I really enjoy making hats. In the summertime it's hats to wear on those sunny beach days, which my family has many of. Now that it's nearing winter, at least that's what the calendar says (where we live it's still rather pleasant outside), it's time to make cozy hats. I love this style with the brim on it, for the very reason that we still get a lot of sunshine in our neck of the woods, even when the days start to chill off. I also like getting to work with yarn, all cozy on the couch, and I don't have to drag out the sewing machine (which must weigh at least 50lbs.) The side button on these actually serves no purpose other than to boost the cuteness factor, it would be down right dull without it!


  1. those hats are adorable! please tell me you'll be selling these?

    so fun to see you're blogging now!

  2. Hey there, welcome to blog land, great hats!


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