Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Great Boutique

Silly me!! I didn't take any pictures to show you! I had a blast last night at my friend Lindsey's Christmas Boutique. She hosted it at her beautiful home, newly remodeled, freshly decorated, oozing with her creativity. There was about ten of us there to sell, with guests arriving all evening. Everyone was so festive and friendly. I only had a couple weeks to prepare, so I didn't have much, I wished I had more! I was so encouraged by everyone's complimentary remarks, and I did sell much more than I anticipated. My wonderful friend Toni came along with me for moral support (and thank goodness she did! that rack my husband made for me must've weighed about 70 lbs., and we had to bring it up two flights of stairs!) I met so many wonderful people, and ate too many wonderful treats.

Soon to etsy shop filled with crotcheted visor hats, and a giveaway of one of those hats....


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Em! This looks great and I love the Christmas ball photo!

  2. so fun to meet you at the boutique. your creations are amazing. can't wait to see more!!

  3. sounds like fun! I also had fun that night helping Hannah with your adorable!
    We went to see the horse down the road(honey?), and I was helping get Gigi ready to go and we were picking out a sweater to go over her dress, and we found one that matched, I said that we should zip it up because it would keep her warmer, but she said that we should leave it unzipped that way "everybody knew she was wearing a dress" So cute!


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