Monday, May 6, 2013

the stitch market in pictures

Last week we had our Spring Edition Stitch Market

 My friend Lindsey and I rent a room from a church located downtown.  
Then we pick our vendors from a stack of applications.  We try to find a well balanced variety of talent, keeping our customers shopping habits in mind. The market is open for two days, and runs with a centralized check out. 
 That means our customers shop all the vendors, fill up their shopping tote, and then bring all their purchases to one register to pay.  
It's so much easier for everybody! 

 Once the market begins, Lindsey and I, and our ever faithful Stacy and Robin, are super busy, but before we let the customers in I took a few photos for y'all.

So much thanks to all our talented vendors, you ladies are an insipration!!  And we all thank our loyal customers who encourage and support us in our passions!! 
 I can't wait until the fall market!

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  1. gah, i would LOVE to be there! it looks super fun. i sure miss you guys. i hope it was a hit!


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