Tuesday, April 16, 2013

on my camera

I'm trying to get on my camera more often.  It recently occurred to me that I had gotten super lazy about capturing our daily lives.  Partly because sometimes it doesn't seem worth capturing.  But then I thought, there's my challenge;  To capture our slow, peaceful life, in an interesting way.

For a couple days this week, we just didn't leave the house.  
When we did, we had to walk a block to get the car.

Books, Books, Books. 

 Getting ready for the Stitch Market.

Basketball, Basketball, Basketball.


Beach, Beach, Beach.


  1. Slow and peaceful is intrinsically interesting. Just not flashy. The photos are lovely. Thanks!

  2. Fantastic photos. You definitely have a talent for taking pictures.
    I feel the same way, trying to capture those moments that seem mundane and forgettable. It is always so fun to look back on those photos and remember.

  3. I like it! Like being there.

  4. thanks you guys! Hsialoei, you're right, i always enjoy seeing any photos of our life when i look back. Even if it's just a picture of someones fingers or toes, even those change.


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