Saturday, July 21, 2012

wip {works in progress} turns purge

So the other night, I was invited to a friends house for dinner.  Ginger showed us the things she had been making (she likes to make!).  I had a great time (she is a crack up, and the other guests are my friends too!).  And I came home with some fresh inspiration.

The next day I decided I NEEDED to make a quilt.  And I knew I wanted it to have a built in chevron pattern.  So I searched pinterest for all the different ways to make a quilt block that would combine with the other quilt blocks to make a zig zag pattern.  This one was so easy, and not full of a bunch of tedious piecing.  If you look closely each block is just a big square, cut into two triangles.  

The other thing I couldn't wait to get started on was a crocheted rug.  Ginger showed us this awesome trick with making long yarn strands out of t-shirts.  I loved it.  But, it was going to take me a while to collect enough t-shirts to make a rug the size I wanted.  I couldn't wait that long.  I moved to plan b.  My big stack of thrifted sheets was crying out to me.

Once I cut them up into long 2" strips, I started crocheting.  I'm using my big fat hook, and a double crochet stitch.  In these pictures the rug is about 2' x 3' and had used up about 3 sheets.  I am now 6 sheets into it, measuring roughly 4' x 5'.  I'm going to put it in the girls room and am going to make it a bit bigger still.  I'll probably end up using about 8 to 10 sheets.

What a great way to destash my fabric collection.  After clearing out so many sheets, I moved on to my other fabric stacks, and piles, and boxes, and bagged up 4 garbage bags of fabric that just did not inspire me any more, and sent it off to the Goodwill.  And that just opened up a flood gate of purging around here.  I'm still going...


  1. Go, Em! Let's do that here in August, too!

  2. You are totally smokin with all you're getting done!! Love, love, love!!

  3. Oh I love the quilt AND the rug! Just beautiful! Just beautiful!

  4. Collecting (and then using) vintage sheets is one of my simple pleasures. You are making the most of your own finds!

  5. You just re-inspired me! Going to do one of these rugs for lu's room. Have been waiting for tshirts but SHEETS! YES.

  6. okay funny--I'm working on both of these things right now: chevron quilt and rag rug. Ha! Your influence if POWERFUL....


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