Monday, July 16, 2012

california succulents

The soil in my yard is 100% sand.  We live a block away from the bay.  There are some beautiful native plants that grow in this soil and climate, including the fennel forest growing on its own accord in our backyard.  My succulents do well too.  They don't need much attention from me, which is a must, because I often forget to tend to my outdoor plants.

A few weeks ago, though, I did a lot of tending to my succulent garden just outside my front door.  Many of my succulents had had babies!  When these babies are big enough, I break them off and start them on their own, often right next to their mama's.  Sometimes the mama plants get leggy, when their stems get super long, so i took them out, broke off their long stems, and stuck them back in close to the soil.

I am now watering my little guys often, 
because some day I'm hoping my front garden will grow into this:

Succulent garden ideas

or this:


  1. oh you so totally had me, at first glance (before reading the text) i thought the first inpiration pic was your garden! I was super, duper impressed! ha, ha,ha... I live on the west coast too, but way north of you, on vancouver island in canada, and i'm in love with succulents too! cheers, beth

  2. beth- can you grow succulents up there? is vancouver island the same as vancouver?? i love it up there. my family lives in bellingham, wa. and we sometimes go visit the big city of vancouver. those majestic mountains are too much!

  3. to get to vancouver island you take a ferry from either vancouver in BC or else from WA you can take a ferry from anacortes or seattle to get to victoria (our big city) if you ever get the chance to see it, it's really beautiful. basically it's a rainforest, so huge trees, and lushness all around. the surfer in you would love the west coast of the island where there's great surfing on long beach and tofino (wetsuits). that's amazing that you have family in bellingham. i grew up in langley just outside vancouver (the big city : )and when i was a teen in the early 90's my friends and i would all pile in cars and cross the border to go snowboarding at mt baker, or shopping at 'bellis fair' mall in bellingham. almost forgot, succulents can in fact be grown here. the easy one's like hen and chicks overwinter in the garden no problem, others need to be grown in pots and pulled under an eave, or into a green house for the winter since it get's pretty wet and cool here in the winter.


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