Monday, April 2, 2012

how to crochet a granny square

I know there must be a million granny square tutorials out there, but when I haven't made one in a while, and need a refresher, I never can seem to find a good pattern. So here is my recreation of a granny square for myself, and anyone else, who sometimes needs to refresh (or learn anew) their granny square skills.

I like to begin circular patterns with a magic circle.  You will want to chain 4 after you wind the yarn around your finger a few times.
 Then (3dc and chain 1) 3 times total.  2dc then slip stitch into the third chain that you started the round with.  This completes the center of your granny square.  At this point I like to switch colors!
Pull your new color through one of your corners (the chain one space between one of your 3dc groups from the first round).

Now you can work your fist corner.  Chain 3(this counts as your first dc), 2dc and chain 1.  3dc and chain 1.  All this is worked into the same space.
Move to your next corner (the next chain 1 space between the 3dc group from the center of your granny square).  (3dc, chain one, 3dc, chain one) repeat 2 more times (four corners total).  Slip stitch after your last chain one, into the 3rd chain from your first chain in this row.

Now it's time to start your third row.  Pull your new color through any corner and chain 3.
Work your first corner of row 3:  2dc and chain one, 3dc and chain one. * 3dc into the middle  chain 1.   Move to your next corner.  3dc, chain one, 3dc, chain one. *  Repeat from *  3 more times.  Slip stitch into the third chain of your beginning chain.
Add your new color for row 4.  Work your first corner:  Chain 3. 

2dc, chain 1, 3dc, chain 1.  *Move to next chain one space.  3dc, chain 1.  Move to next chain one space.  3dc, chain 1.  Move to next corner.  3dc, chain 1, 3dc, chain 1.* repeat from * 3 more times.  Slip stitch into 3rd stitch of beginning chain.

At this point you can continue to grow your square until it is the size of a blanket (and beyond!) or start making more squares to eventually sew together to make a blanket, pillow, etc.  There are so many things you can do with a granny square!  And yes, at some point you will need to weave in all your loose yarns.

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  1. Wonderful Em! I really need to dig my out and finally make something with them.


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