Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a yellow sweater for ginger

The last time I knitted a sweater was for my 13 year old neice when she was 3!  I had made a couple for myself before that.  And then I swore to myself, and made a pact with my mom that if we ever talked about knitting a sweater again we would hope the other would talk some sense into us so that we wouldn't actually try that again. 

So I didn't tell her this time.  And I found myself a good old vintage crochet sweater pattern for kids on etsy.  And I took it one peice at a time.  Enjoying the fact that I was making a sweater for my own daughter, one stitch at a time.

And she loves it!  And I love it!  And it fit just right!

Next one is for Ruby.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. that's awesome Em! and inspiring. :)

  2. you must show more pictures!! that sweater is tooooo adorable to hide behind a lemon! ;)

  3. It is a lovely sweater! It would have been sad if I'd talked you out of it. Thanks for the great hat! It's cold here, I'm going to wear it tomorrow.

  4. thanks you guys!

    megan- have you started a yarn project?
    toni- yes, i'll take more photos!
    mimi- thanks! and i hope the hat works in the real weather test!


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