Friday, February 3, 2012

just a few things...

Here's just a few things that have already happened around here, are happening around here, or will be happening around here soon...

1) Already happened: Over our winter holiday, I upgraded our front porch chairs to these plastic adirondack loungers. (A big improvement, trust me). And I made them more comfy and inviting with these super duper easy envelope style closure pillows. This is one of my favorite places to "be" at home.

2) Happening today: We will be making these cute heart garlands in sewing class today. I just love watching the busy little fingers at work!

3) Already happened: I've recently finished a crochet lap blanket inspired by this one. I started it over a year ago. This is not normal for me. I am the kind of person who very diligently finishes every project I start, whether it's a good idea to or not.

4) Will be happening soon: I'm looking forward to playing at least one scrabble game with my good buddy, while our husbands watch the super bowl while our kids quietly play in the back ground. (this may be a bit of exaggerated bliss, but my rose colored spectacles are usually not far out of reach)

Have a good weekend!

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