Monday, January 23, 2012

we went to the beach

Technically, it was "the pier". I just love watching the waves from the pier, looking down on them gives you a rare view. This particular day the waves were huge, and every time they crashed under us, the pier felt like it just might fall apart.

It was a beautiful day. Like we often have here in the winter.

Although the waves were huge, they were not good for surfing. They were too closed out. (translation: breaking too fast to get a fun ride, like one solid wall breaking on top of you). Certainly not a good time for surf lessons for the girls.

In the end, finding treasures in the sand was enough for us.


  1. Love your pictures Emily. They are so artistic.

  2. mimi, it was nice to "show off" such a great witner beach day to you guys!

    hsiaolei, that's very kind of you. i often just see the places where i need to improve.

  3. You have become quite the shutterbug. I know you do it for fun and I totally enjoy doing that too but you could actually make money doing it you have such a natural talent. I still use my camera all the time in auto and do not have the artistic eye you have. It is amazing. Love ya Lisa

  4. Great thumbs in the sea shell pic



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