Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a photo a day

I've started a new project. This is not a project I was planning on starting. It just happened. It's actually a project my cousin Megan started. The moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to start one of my own. But I wanted to do it with her, too. Because I like her, and because I knew these sorts of things are better when you do it with someone else.

We will be attempting to take a photo a day for a whole year. Now I know this is nothing new. People do it all the time. But we've never done it. Megan's husband, Lukas (who needs no help from projects like these), challenged her to take a photo a day as a way to stretch her photographic talent.

We talked about what sort of things we would like to improve in our photography. I would like to work on more interesting compositions, a greater familiarity with my camera settings, better portraits, and losing the fear of self portraits.

This project will start off with just getting used to taking a photo everyday. Once we feel that is part of our routine, we will be adding themes to help guide us and stretch us.

You can follow my photo project at bluecorduroyphotos, and Megan's at onemomenteveryday.

And if this sounds like something you would like to do too, let me know!

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