Monday, January 9, 2012

a cleaning resolution

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I struggle with cleaning my house. My tendency is to spend time tidying up, but when it comes to the actual cleaning part, I can usually find something else to do instead. Anything else!

There are times though, when I have a bit more motivation to clean. The more of these happening at the same time, the more likely I am to clean:

  • when guests are coming over
  • when I get some cool new cleaning product
  • when someone tells me about their awesome cleaning routine
  • when I've put it on my New Years resolution list
  • when it's just plain disgusting, and possible a health hazard

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My sister in law shared with me her great cleaning system which I've used with good success in the past. It is basically a 2 week cleaning schedule, where every day you take one task. It ends up being about 20 minutes of cleaning a day (beyond the daily basics, like doing the dishes). And your house stays a consistent level of clean.

I also prefer using natural products. Check out the links below the pictures for great cleaning ideas.

Do you have any cleaning motivation you can share?


  1. this is so funny - i was just thinking about you yesterday, picturing your home (i have never been to) and how sweetly you have it decorated and probably super clean! glad to know you aren't perfect... in every way :) thanks for the motivation and cleaning system idea too!!!!

  2. now that's funny, krystina! we'll see how long this cleaning inspiration lasts.

  3. Could you email me your two week cleaning plan. I'm like you, I tidy up and clean when I can't stand it, but that's not the ideal. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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