Monday, November 14, 2011

busy week #1

Busy week #1 is done and gone. We had a super fun time with lots of different family members coming for visits throughout the week. This mixed in with me getting ready for the Queen Bee Market made for a busy week indeed. I made a concious effort to enjoy the little outings we shared with our guests. Walks at the beach, sitting in coffee shops, enjoying meals together, playing scrabble, being silly.

We had a blast with our first visitors of the week, my cousins Megan and Shawna. Megan is one of my photo taking mentors. She has been playing around with making movies lately. She made one while they were visiting that made me smile the whole way through. You can see it here. Thanks for a fun weekend girls!

I am now starting busy week #2. I will be totally ready for a week of vacation and feasting next!

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