Friday, September 9, 2011

lindsay {lee la la}: interviewed

I've been having so much fun interviewing my blogger friends!
Today I introduce to you Lindsay, from Lee la la.
Lindsay is perhaps my very first "online" friend I ever made.

She is just adorable. She authors a very honest, truth be told, light hearted blog.
She also makes sweet accessories for girls and women and sells them on etsy.
Some day, I plan on meeting her face to face!

Hi Blue Corduroy friends. I am so excited to be featured here today.

1) Hi Lindsay! It's been so fun watching your blog grow over the last year or so and I'm so glad to get to share you with my friends!! What was the first blog you ever read? At what point did you decide you needed your own blog? The first blog I ever read was my best friend's family blog. I loved how it kept family and friends updated on her busy life, while being creative with pictures at the same time. I initially started my own blog to do just that, document the life of my new family of 3. Then I saw the business side of it, and followed my passion to write.

2) You often mention how shy you are/used to be, but lately I have noticed such a raw honesty in your writing that can only come from boldness. Has this just come naturally, or was there something you've learned to acheive this? Growing up, I was painfully shy. I admitted that with a raw and vulnerable post titled "My Secret, EXPOSED". I honestly think I get more confident with age. Becoming a momma has helped tremendously.

3) You make some super cute jewelry and accessories, where do you get inspired? I think my biggest source of inspiration is pinterest and window shopping. I love seeing styles change with the seasons and adapting my creations accordingly.

4) If you were asked to speak at a blogger/indy business conference, what would your topic be? It would be a DREAM COME TRUE to speak at a blog conference, in fact, this is on the top of my bucket list. I think my topic would be "staying positive in the midst of hardship" or "keeping it real in the mommy hood".

5) If you could learn 3 things this next year to improve your blog/business, what would they be? I would LOVE to learn BALANCE, tips for GROWTH of a blog/business, and time management, my weakness.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I LOVE meeting new friends so I'd be tickled if you'd stop by my blog and say hello.


And thank YOU, Lindsay, for your friendship and inspiration!!


I love getting comments! I will now be responding to your comments right here in the comment section. Thank you for taking the time to tell me how you feel!


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