Wednesday, September 21, 2011

camera challenge{d}: self portraits

As you may have noticed, this is not a self portrait of me. But it's as close as I can get today. Ever since I read Elsie's blog post about taking self portraits, I've played around with it. Way harder than she makes it look, let me tell you. One of the hard parts is that I'm not as young and beautiful as she is. The camera is just not very forgiving when it comes to all those smile lines, sun freckles, stringy hair, bulgy eyes, crows feet sort of things.

I'm hoping that with a bit more practice, I won't be as shocked about how I actually look in pictures, and I'll be able to share my progression in the art of the self portrait.

So today, picture me as a wild flower, growing near the coast, the color of warm sunshine.

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