Wednesday, September 14, 2011

camera challenge{d}: photo block

I love taking pictures! I love looking at pretty/interesting/meaningful pictures.
But, I've just recently discovered a bit of photo block.
I'm not sure if that's what it's called.
It's equivilant in the literary world is writers block.
That dreaded sense that you want to take a picture, you're ready to take a picture,
but you're just not sure what to take a picure of.

Now, of course I have my favorite subjects:
my girls
the beach

See the problem?
What do you like taking pictures of?


  1. I'm inspried by z who sees old things with fresh eyes by choosing a different angle, range of focus, etc. I enjoy trying to photograph everyday stuff with new eyes....does that make sense?

  2. Beach, sky, my kids (who are now adults), sunsets, mountains, so basically nature and my family. I'm trying to take more pictures...been doing the InstaFriday even though I don't have an iPhone, but it's fun to try and be deliberate in taking pics, even if I'm not so deliberate every week. I'd like to get a nicer camera. Enjoy your pics.


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