Wednesday, July 6, 2011

camera challenge{d}: my camera does that!?

one day, while the girls were playing on the swings, i was browsing through my camera manual and at once yelled out
holy moly!

my little canon point and shoot power shot can actually take rapid fire shots!
all i have to do is press a button here and a button there, and then hold down my trigger and shoot away!

now i've owned this camera for (i'm embarrassed to say) 5 years.
i've always known it had a 16x zoom, because it says it right on the camera.
but i have never taken a picture at 16x zoom, because i never knew i wasn't.
i would zoom in as far as i could go and i was content.
well, this very same day at the swings i discovered digital zoom!
i could take my manual zoom of 4x and go way the heck past it to the ocean!!!

this picture of the water was taken at the very same spot as the swings above,
but using my 16x digital zoom!

what else can my camera do that i am i missing?


  1. can it wash the dishes?

  2. probably not...but it could take a photo of you doing the dishes ;-)

  3. Em, you are a natural born teacher. You even make me want to learn about a camera. Loved all the pictures of the girls swinging. Hooray for rapid fire and super zoom!


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