Friday, June 10, 2011

stacy lynn designs *interviewed*

i have this awesome friend i'd love for you to meet.
i've known her for over 15 years and have enjoyed every minute of it!
we love to surf together, sew together, but my favorite is the laughing together.
this friend of mine is funny!!
she is the most humble, generous person i know.
i have always admired her sewing genius and her sense of stlye.

let me introduce to you, stacy, of
stacy lynn designs...

1) tell us who you are? I'm Stacy Lynn, if you say it with a southern accent.. it sounds better. When I was little and heard the "lynn" part... I was usually in trouble. Oh and I am a hypocrite... a vegetarian who makes leather bags? I married my favorite boy 11 years ago. We are getting used to our new existence here in Santa Barbara after 15 wonderful years in Santa Cruz. Making things is part of my daily life. If it is not with my sewing machine, then it is in the kitchen, the garden, and now with the world of technology... it is also on the computer.

2) my 1st experience selling something I made? When we were small.. my best friend and I spent all our allowance on beads, made some awful jewelry and had a "jewelry sale". Thanks to some nice neighbors.. we sold a few. We promptly closed up shop and spent all our profits of bubble gum.

3) my style, where do I get inspired? The style I am and the style I want to be are two different things. Weather I buy something new or old I seem to modify it in some way, and I am not talking about hemming jeans (since we all need to do that). I love colors, but always seem to buy black, brown, green. My favorite black dress has lasted for 4 years. I can dress it up with a cute colored cardigan and sandals or boots, or dress it down with flip flops and wear to the beach or a weekend camping. I love fashion and I live for function.

4) most challenging for your business so far? any advice for someone starting out? It has been said there is no new music, only remakes. It is hard sometimes to follow through with a "new" idea. You have to believe that your new twist is unique. Advice - do it even if people say it has been done, because sometimes the best results morph along the way. Your end product will be as unique as you are.

5) what keeps you wanting to create? The unexpected! If you have an idea.. go for it! Accidental tangents can be the most fun.

stacy's latest projects include recycled leather handbags and accessories, full and flirty skirts, ruffly aprons, and anything else her creative mind dreams up.

thank you so much, stacy, for stopping in and meeting everyone!


  1. Love the interview of a beautiful abd creative woman... And I would like to add that I have a Stacy Lynn Bag on my shoulder everyday.. love you.

  2. i love Stacy Lynn! I wore her skirt in today's post! She is awesome and her wares are awesome!

  3. I had fun reading the interview :)

    Love your new banner too Em! So fancy!!

  4. Great interview! A treat to have such a wonderful friend (who your whole family loves, too)! I carry a red leather Stacy Lynn purse and get compliments everyday!


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