Thursday, June 2, 2011

house tour: upper room

we moved about 6 months ago from a teeny tiny condo to this.
i am thankful every day for what we now have.
come on upstairs to the living room.
aka:the upper room, cocoon, studio, sauna...

this room soaks up the afternoon sun.
i feel like a cat lounging in the heat, especially on these windy yet sunny spring central coast days.

i can't decide if this is my studio, with a living room in it, or a living room with a studio in it. chocolate, peanut butter? chicken, egg?

did i tell you that we have an ocean view out that big window?
we can see morro rock and the bay. and the long 3 mile stretch of the sandspit.
like i said, i am thankful. every. single. day.

these chairs were a thrift victory!
i found them both and at the time thought i only needed one,
i was feeling thrifty and didn't want to get what i didn't need.
plus, i wanted to make sure mark liked it.
when i brought it upstairs here, and found out he did like it, and realized we needed both, i raced back to the store to get the second.
here's the victory part: $10/each! brand new at pottery barn: $400/each!
matching studio chairs: priceless!


  1. Oh my's such a cozy space! I love it!

  2. Wow! thanks for the tour!
    Is that the chair you were sitting in when you beat me at lexulous?!


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