Wednesday, June 8, 2011

camera challenge{d}

i don't know about you, but i'm rather camera challenged. i am very often NOT pleased with the pictures i take. but i'm getting sick of complaining about my weaknesses, so i have a plan!

i'm setting up a camera challenge for myself, and anybody else who wants to follow along. now i'm hoping that those of you who are also camera challenged will follow along so that we can learn together, and those of you who are have victory over their cameras can lend pointers and be our cheerleaders!

i want to use this challenge as a way to learn about the science of photography (i.e. iso speed, shutter speed, aperture, etc.) and also as a way to work on composition and subject.

here is our first assignment:
  • find your camera user guide.
  • learn how to set your camera to the manual setting.
  • learn how to adjust your iso speed, aperture value, and shutter speed.
  • take a ton of test photos playing with these new settings.

that's it. nothing fancy today. just exploring the camera itself. and starting to get a feel for how these 3 elements (iso, aperture, shutter speed) relate to each other and to the end product.

i also want to make a point to read this article, over and over again if necessary, until it makes sense.

**note: i am using a canon power shot A620, just a regular old point and shoot digital.**

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