Monday, April 11, 2011

out of balance

do you ever feel like you're out of balance?
like you need to do something very different than what you have been doing
for fear of going insane?
i tend to do this to myself every so often.
it starts out as me getting a routine, and a rhythm,
enjoying something so much so that i want to keep doing it.
i start to not be doing other things
(things that i really shouldn't be not doing, like cooking dinner for the family).
and then all of a sudden it hits me.
i've lost my balance. my daily balance.
i sit down to do my favorite thing at the moment (often, sewing)
and i get this odd feeling inside,
perhaps a bit like it would feel if you were about to go insane.
this feeling tells me i better do something else, and fast.
usually what i need to do is get outside,
spend some time exercising in the fresh air.
and then i need to figure out
how to bring that important balance back into my day.

i get a similar feeling when i can't stop eating the cookie dough.
do you ever get this feeling?
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  1. I COMPLETELY Know how you are feeling. This happens to me more often that I like. Except I feel guilty. Time catches up to you and you feel like you've neglected other parts of your life. Thats awsome that you can realize this though :)

  2. picture- is that somethign you made??

  3. manda-

    no, i didn't make that shell curtain, but i do love it!

    what do you do to make you feel out of balance?

  4. So feel this way too Em! I go out for a run, clear my head, and start over. BTW....nice to know that someone else has weak moments of eating too much cookie dough. :)


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