Thursday, March 17, 2011

teapots and other things

since my latest realization that i needed a teapot,
i now have the beginning of a small collection.

one is for a small, intimate tea date.

the tall mama in the back is for a real party.

oh, and you can't forget that darling sugar bowl that was a whopping 50 cents.
the joys of a good day thrifting.

also....i just found out this morning that i was accepted to be a vendor at the upcoming
queen bee market in del mar, ca. yippee!!!

and....don't forget to spread the word about
blue corduroy's 25% off sale through the end of march.


  1. I, too, have a little tea pot collection. I just love a good pot of tea and something pretty to look at whilst I sip it...I love your vintage finds!

  2. I started the same way, just one little teapot. Now it's a small addiction and I generally try to avoid the tea pot section of my favorite tea store because it is just to hard to resist!

  3. Love the little vintage teapot can you tell me who it is made by?

  4. sarah beth- the little pot is made by poole, from england. the bigger coffee pot is topaz ironstone from japan. i love them both!

    thanks, theresa!

    yes betsy, i may be addicted to pots now. :)


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