Thursday, March 24, 2011

laughing and stenciling

what a super fun time i had the other night at my buddy ginger's house!
she was celebrating the end of a very busy season for her
by having a handful of crafty friends over to learn along with her the art of freezer paper stenciling.

ginger may possibly be the funniest person i've ever met.
i don't know if i stopped laughing the entire night!
we had a fabulous meal, a fun tour of her studio,
and learned a new (totally doable) craft.

i have seen this craft recently explained on emily sparks blog
(who is very adorably pregnant).
and i'm sure there are a hundred other tutorials out there.
although, i really do enjoy the in person tutorial, myself.

knowing i was just going to be learning,
i decide to make a few very simple patches to sew on to my girls' library bags.
the girls were pleased.

thanks ginger for the fun night! and kristina for showing us all how!!


  1. those are so cute em!! i wanna hear all about it. call you in 5 min. (not really, but today for sure!!) xo

  2. Oh Emily--it was so fun! We've got to do it again! We've got to do it again! I love the polyester patches. They make my heart race.


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