Thursday, February 10, 2011

easy, no sew, t-shirt remake tutorial

i'm not super fond of the high crew neck many t-shirts have. i really prefer anything else. v-neck, scoop neck, boat neck, etc.

this t-shirt makeover takes just about 5 minutes.
all you will need is a t-shirt, a ruler, and some scissors.

first step is to fold your t-shirt in half so that the shoulder seams match up in the middle
and the center front neckline and back neckline are on opposite ends.

once my shirt is straight and ready
(all lumps and creases have been smoothed away)
i measured 1" from the bottom of the neck ribbing,
cutting both front sections at the same time to ensure an even neckline.

i then tapered my cut toward the shoulder seams to be only 1/2" down from the neck ribbing.
lastly, i cut from the middle back towards the should seams again,
1/2" down from the neck ribbing.

**note: the cuts are actually rather small with a big result. take care you don't cut too much off. you can always cut more, but you can't put back on if you've cut too much.**

i feel better already!


  1. Supa cute Em! love it...and something I can do! :)

  2. u r a model, beautiful ;-)

  3. I'm a girl from the eighties and am glad you are embracing hte things your mom did! There is always a way to take what you have and love and make it work for you. Think t-shirt halter top. Cut a triangle on the graphic side and fold down the three points to form an opening to run ribbon through. Neck and two sides. Really cute with minimal sewing. Hope you enjoy and rock out those shirts!

  4. thanks so much, used this tutorial this morning!

  5. jenn- that looks great! it looks like you did some more altering too, to get such a nice fit!

  6. jenn- that looks great! it looks like you did some more altering too, to get such a nice fit!

  7. Little Green DressJuly 1, 2012 at 12:36 PM

    I'm reaching for the siccors right now, thanks!

  8. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Have a few great t's that I hated wearing as the crew neck was both unflattering and uncomfortable. Love how easy you made the alterations with your instructions!!!


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