Thursday, February 24, 2011

breakfast scones and teapots

we have lots of tea parties at my house. and i don't just mean my girls and i .
i mean anybody who comes to my house is served tea.

and it wasn't until this week that i realized i needed a teapot.
not a tea kettle, i've got me a cute one of those.
i mean a steep your tea, keep it warm, serve it at the table teapot.

as of yesterday, i am shopping for a teapot.
perhaps something like this, or this, or this.

when i find my teapot i will make these scones again,
they were perfect for a quick breakfast.
thanks to my sweet friend adrienne for sharing the recipe.


  1. my mother always offers me and other guests makes visits cozy, warm, welcoming. you've made me wonder why don't i do the same? honestly - i don't know! i think i'm looking for a teapot too!

  2. tamara--i hope you find a super cute one! we can begin a hospitality revolution!!

  3. If I bring a teapot with me, will you make scones when I come?


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