Tuesday, January 4, 2011

spiral scarf how-to

i made a handful of these crocheted spiral scarfs for christmas this year.
they turned out so cute and were so easy to make
that i thought i would share the how-to's with you all.

auntie janet shared this simple pattern with me
while we were crocheting side by side on the couch
after our thanksgiving meal.
i couldn't wait to finish my project so that i could try it out.

you'll want to chain stitch the desired scarf length.
i didn't bother counting the stitches,
but my chain stitch measured about 40" long.

after your chain is the desired length,
you'll add 2 more chain stitches before you turn your work.
next, you'll dc (double crochet) into the 3rd stitch from your hook.
now, do 2 dc into every stitch until the end.
you'll notice your scarf beginning to spiral right away.

when you reach the end, it's time to chain 2,
then turn your work and do 2 dc into the first stitch.
next you will do 3 dc into every stitch until you reach the end.

the spiral will get bigger.

to add the fancy picot edging, i changed colors.
i didn't complete my final stitch with the green,
i pulled through the aqua yarn to finish the stitch.
i also caught up the loose threads as i added the fancy border,
but you could just as easily weave it through when the project is done.

after i finished the final dc, i chained 3 stitches with the new color.

then i inserted my hook into the next stitch,
did a single crochet and chained 3 stitches again.
do this over and over until you reach the end.

thanks, auntie janet, for sharing your wonderful crochet secrets!

here is my cute mom modeling her new christmas scarf.


  1. i feel soooo lucky and spoiled to have one of these!!! it's my new favorite!!!!
    i think mimi should start modelling professionally ;-) cute photo!!!

  2. Your mom is adorable. Such a cute scarf. I will have to have you sit next to me and show me. Hannah would love one. I got your cute thank you card. You are so crafty. Take Care Lisa Cartelli

  3. Love love love the scarf Em! :) You are really so talented.

  4. It is my favorite scarf, Em. I love it! It is also the warmest scarf I've ever had! xxxooo ma


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