Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Beach Days

the beach was truly beautiful last weekend.
it's funny, but around here,
it is possible to have a nicer day at the beach in december
than in june.

how fun to be these girls,
where a regular weekend is chasing daddy on the sand.

while mama takes a turn surfing.


  1. i love that pic of mark and the girls running! can't wait to join you next month!! we really need some sun, pouring rain right now as usual. xox.

  2. blaahhh! i'm so jealous! we've had so much rain here. we miss you guys. especially love that last picture!

  3. oh vanessa and toni! that was not meant to tease you, just to let you know how we're so excited for the day you are here with us (doing sand angels)!!

    love em

  4. Hmm....these pictures look very familiar...but not today as i sit here listening to the rain! I love your work and just sent you an email re: one of your infant hats.


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