Saturday, August 28, 2010

just a quarter

that's all we give in these parts.
what use does a 5 year old have with any more than a quarter, anyway?

this particular quarter was earned i tells you!
earned by being brave enough to let her 8 year old sister tie her tooth to some string that was tied to the door that was then slammed by said bigger sister.


  1. Oh my goodness she is too cute for words! Did she really let her big sis do that? What a brave girl :)

  2. A missing tooth does make Ginger look like a big girl! Brave & cute, too!

  3. she is truly a brave girl...i have two teenage boys and they would NEVER allow one another to assist in tooth removal!!! Impressive, she is! Just found you blog. Lovely!!

  4. wow, Shawna would have never let me do this to her. Ginger is one tough cookie.

  5. such a brave cutie pie and I love her tooth fairy pillow!


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